MERLYNDA - Ventriloquist - Puppeteer - Award-Winning Fairy-Tales Story-Teller  Award-Winning Poet - Songwriter-Singer Award-Winning Composer 


Ventriloquist - Puppeteer

FairyTales and Fables Story-Teller

Poet - Singer-Songwriter - Musician

Merlynda is a multi Award-Winning - and - much-Published:
  • Ventriloquist - Puppeteer - Walkabout & Circle Entertainer
  • Fairy-Tales and Verse Fables Story-Teller - Singer - Poet
  • Composer of Ballet and Dance Music - Songwriter


“Merlynda WOWED The Audience With Her Comedy Poems And Tales! - Everyone Enjoyed A VERY Entertaining Afternoon."
"We Were Swept Away With Merlynda’s Enthusiasm And High Drama, Which Brought Her Beautifully Crafted Stories To Life!”
"We could of not asked for it to go any better! I had LOTS of people speak to me after saying how WONDERFUL your display was and how many people ENJOYED IT VERY MUCH! We were VERY IMPRESSED with the turnout - and have had people ask us if we can make this a yearly thing - which we are hoping to!"

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  • Ventriloquist - Puppeteer
  • Fairy-Tales Story-Teller - Verse Fables Performance Poet
  • Singer - Songwriter - Composer - Musician

Merlynda Robinson (LLAM, ALAM) is professional Ventriloquist and Puppeteer - a multi Award-Winning, popular and much-published Fairy-Tales Story-Teller - Verse Fables Poet - and - Romantic Nature - Fairy-Tales - Love - and - Humorous Performance Poet - and - a multi Award-Winning Songwriter-Singer and Composer-Musician - and she performs her beautiful - sweetly  enchanting - delightfully entertaining - and - inspirational magical fairy-tales - cute and silly singalong songs - and - humorous nonsensical verse fables and poetry - live - for children and family audiences - and audiences of mature adults - at a variety of Events - Festivals - and - at Special Venues.  Uniquely, Merlynda is BOTH a professional Singing and Speaking Ventriloquist - and - a Marionette Puppeteer - and she performs Ventriloquism and Puppetry together with performing her Fairy-Tales - Verse-Fables - Humorous and Sweet Nature Poems - and - when performing her Cute and Humorous Fairy-Tale Songs - and - Silly Singalong Songs - together with her enchantingly delightful - endearingly cute and mesmerising - Cast of Cheeky Chatty Vintage Ventriloquist Dolls - Beautiful Puppets - and  - Dancing Marionettes! (Please See Sample Videos Below).

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Merlynda's Beautiful Magical Romantic Fairy-Tales In Rhymes Story-Telling Performances - Exciting Verse Fables - Cute & Humorous Poetry Performances - Silly Singalong Songs Performances - Mesmerising and Enchanting Ventriloquism - Delightful Dancing Marionette Puppetry - and - Beautiful Ballet and Dance Music - Is Perfect For:
Children's Events - Family Events - Theatre Productions
Poetry & Literary Festivals - Book Festivals - Music Festivals
Nature Festivals - Fairy Festivals - Concerts - Weddings
Receptions - Anniversaries - Fairs - Family Parties
Commemorative Events - Outdoor Public Events
Indoor Public Events - After-Dinner - Cabaret Clubs
Recitals - Handfastings - Ceremonies 
And For: 
Societies - Clubs - Organisations - Community Groups
Theme Parks - Theatres - TV - Radio - Film
V E N T R I L O Q U I S T   V I D E O S
S I N G I N G   V E N T R I L O Q U I S T   V I D E O S


Merlynda is a Unique and Popular Ventriloquist and Singing Ventriloquist.
She performs her Award-Winning Cute and Comical Fairy-Tales In Rhymes - Exciting and Magical Verse Fables - her Humorous - Sweet - and - Nonsensical Poems - her Highly Comical Silly Singalong Songs - and - her Beautiful Ballet and Dance Music - together with performing both Singing Ventriloquism and Speaking Ventriloquism - and - Fantastical Puppetry - with her Cast of Cute and Comical Vintage Ventriloquist Dolls - Puppets - and - her Delightful Dancing Marionettes!
Below are Samples of her unique - delightful - enchanting - sweet - and - mesmerising Singing & Speaking Ventriloquist Performances - Suitable For Family Audiences ... 


B I O G R A P H Y - A W A R D S - P E R F OR M A N C E S - F E S T I V A L S - P U B L I C A T I O N S

Hello - My pen-name and stage-name is 'Merlynda’ (aka: LK ‘Merlynda’ Robinson) - and I’m a Licentiate of The London Academy of Music & Dramatic Art (LLAM and ALAM of LAMDA) - with 4 Honours Medals in Speech/Acting - a multi Award-winning and much-published Romantic FairyTales and Verse Fables Poet - an Award-winning and much-published Romantic Nature - Love - and  Poet - an Award-winning and much-published Romantic Fairy-tales In Rhymes Story-Teller - an Award-Winning Romantic Performance Poet - an Award-Winning Singer-Songwriter - an Award-Winning Composer - and - a popular professional Ventriloquist - Singing Ventriloquist - and - Puppeteer

I am the Winner of The Golden Grove/Forward Poetry Prize, Prize-Winner of The PIM Poetry Award, Finalist of The National Poetry Rivals Slam, Highly-Commended Poet of The Portico Poetry Prize and The Serendipity Poetry Award, among others, and my poems are published in 49 Poetry Anthologies, as 16 Solo Poetry Collections and as 3 Audio Poetry Books (CDs), to date.

Over 100 of my Songs, Song Lyrics and Piano/Keyboard Instrumental Compositions for Romantic Ballet and Dance are also published, to date. 

I was appointed BBC Radio’s ‘Poetry Expert’ for their ‘Functional Poetry Challenge Initiative’- and have frequently performed and broadcast my poetry live on:

BBC Radio Solent, BBC 3 Counties, BBC Southern Counties, on Delta FM - and Radio Lion. 

My live epic and romantic poetry readings - together with my live ventriloquism performances - which were broadcast live on Radio Lion were also recorded live and are now frequently re-broadcast.

I’ve performed my live poetry readings at a variety of Poetry & Literary Festivals including:

The Festival of Chichester, West Sussex

The Havant Literary Festival, Hampshire

  • as Performance Poet & Support Act to BBC TV’s Mike Harding

The Beer & Oyster Festival, Hampshire

The Port Solent Event, Hampshire

The Elvetham Country Estate, Surrey

The Lanesborough Hotel, Park Lane/Hyde Park Corner, London

The Oakwood Theatre, Chichester, West Sussex

G-Live (Guildford Civic Hall) - Surrey

The Ripley Festival, Surrey

The Christmas Festival, Surrey

East Hill House, Surrey

Milkwood House, Hampshire

Greenbanks, Hampshire

The Wheelwrights, Hampshire

The White Hart at Harting, West Sussex

O’Connors and The Secret Garden, Hampshire

- and at Festivals, Theatres, Clubs, Cafes, Pubs, Galleries, Bookshops - on the London Fringe Theatre Circuit - and at venues throughout England. 

I’m also frequently invited to read my poetry live at prestigious regional Poetry Festivals - such as The Teignmouth Poetry Festival among others. 

I perform my Delightfully Romantic - Inspirational - Enchanting - and - Humorous - Fairy-Tales In Rhymes - and - Selections of my Magical - Wise - and - Exciting - Verse Fables - together with my Cast of delightfully enchanting Vintage Ventriloquist Dolls - Puppets - and Marionettes - at a wide variety of venues and for a wide variety of audiences - from Theatres to Stately Homes - for Organisations - Societies - and - Clubs - at Poetry and Literary Street Theatre Events - and for Members of The House of Lords. 

I also perform my own Award-Winning and much-published Romantic Fairy-Tales in Rhymes - and - my Wise and Highly Entertaining Verse Fables - and - my Humorous and Cute Nonsense Verse - and - I Sing my multi Award-Winning Humorous - Romantic - and - Silly - Singalong Songs - at a variety of Special Events such as Weddings - Family - and - Children's Events - and - I am also frequently commissioned to create Romantic Fairy-Tales - and - Love Poems - for Weddings - Handfastings - Anniversaries - and - Family Occasions.   

Uniquely, I perform Ventriloquism - Singing Ventriloquist - and - cute Puppetry - in my Story-Telling and Poetry and Song Performances for audiences - performing with Dolls and Puppets from my Collection of Beautiful and Sweet Vintage Ventriloquist Dolls.  (I am the Founder and Resident Trainer of the former ‘The Ventriloquist Club of Great Britain’ - and - a professional ‘Punch & Judy Show Professor’.) 

I’m also an Award-winning and much-performed Monologues Writer & Speech-Writer for Performers & Public Speakers (Publication Title: ‘ACT! Alone: Scene-Stealing Monologues & Verse for Performers & Speakers’ Pubd. GAPP).  

I am also a professional, commissioned and internationally exhibited Illustrator and Cartoonist - illustrating many of my Romantic Love Poems for publication in books, posters, prints and postcards.  

In the 1990s, I was commissioned by The Art Institute to create an 850,000 word Art Tutorial Course - (Publication Title: ‘Master The Art’ - Published by The Art Institute, 1998.)

I am also a former Magazine Columnist and Newspaper Columnist of ‘The Observer Series of Newspapers’ - and was commissioned to write a regular, monthly, in-print ‘Astrology and Horoscopes’ page - ‘Scarlette Starz’ - for The Observer Newspaper’s colour magazine.  I am also a former Copy Editor with ‘The Financial Times (FinTech Publications)’

I was the Founder & Editor of the monthly, illustrated, in-print and internationally highly-respected poetry magazine: ‘The Poetry Box Magazine’ - and - the Founder & Editor of: ‘The Bucks Mills Poetry Magazine’. I am also the Founder and Host of ‘The Bucks Mills Poetry Festival’.

I occasionally include my Poetry & Performance/Public Speaking Workshops to my own live poetry performances - conducting my highly popular and widely respected ‘Merlynda’s Poetry & Performance Workshops’ - especially at Poetry and Literary Festivals. 

For Details of my Booking Fee/s - Availability - And - To Book Me To Entertain At Your Venue - Event - Organisation - Club - Society - Wedding - Special Celebration - Poetry Festival - Literary Festival - Book Festival - Music Festival - Fairy Festival - Concert - Recital - Handfasting Ceremony - Anniversary - Theatre Production - on Radio - Film - and - TV - Please Contact Me via the 'Contact' page For Further Details.

For Details Of My:  'STARE! - IF YOU DARE!' - Comic-Gothic Themed One-Woman Ventriloquist & Comedy Poetry & Comedy Songs Show (and Act) - For Adults Only Audiences - Please Visit:

My Poetry Booklets & Books are also available to order via my publishing imprint: The Devon Book Society - For Information & Details - Please Visit:

I'm also an Award-Winning, much-published, internationally exhibited, frequently commissioned Illustrator/Cartoonist - aka - 'Kitty Pigfish' - Please Visit My Website To View Examples of my Illustrations and cute Cartoons:

C O M P O S E R - M U S I C I A N
- S O N G W R I T E R - S I N G E R -


Merlynda is an Award-Winning and Professional Musician-Composer-Songwriter-Singer. 
Here Are Samples of Merlynda's Award-Winning Keyboard Instrumentals - Award-Winning Songs - and - Live Singing. 
Merlynda includes Selections of her Award-Winning Music Compositions, Songs and Singing as part of her Live Romantic Love & Nature Poetry Performances. 

P O E T R Y    V I D E O S - m e r l y n d a
P O E M S   F O R   S E N I O R   A U D I E N C E S


... Romantic Nature & Love Poems Created and Read by Merlynda Robinson ...

Below Are Samples of Merlynda's Romantic Nature & Love Poetry Readings For Senior Audiences.

Merlynda Is Available To Book For Poetry - Literary - Book - and - Music Festivals - and - Events.

And Finally - Here Below Are Poetry Texts & Illustrations Only Video (No Audio)
- The Poems & Illustrations are by Merlynda -
B o o k s


-  Here Is Just A Selection of Poetry Publications by Merlynda Robinson -
... Available To Order via Bookshops ...


The Bucks Mills Poet

In The Cabin

Solo Poetry Collection


- A4 Saddle-Stitch -

War Poems:

A Collection For Rememberance

Solo Poetry Collection


- A5 Hardback -

The Romance Of Bucks Mills

Solo Poetry Collection


- A4 Saddle-Stitch -

Romantic Love Poems

& Romantic Nature Poems

Solo Poetry Collection


- A5 Chapbook -